About Beth

I am in my early 40s, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, single-never-married. I have (3) Fur-kids (God has told me to stop calling myself the Crazy Cat lady, so shhhh)! HA HA I love to laugh, read, shop, watch NFL (Go Packers!), play Board games, research things, listen to Music and hang out.

I am enjoying meeting the woman God is turning me into.

My mom, along with Pastor Bryant Wright (@bryantwright) from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, helped lead me to Jesus. On January 13th, 1986, Bryant came to our home and led both me and my dad to Christ. I was recently 15 years old and clueless about all of the things God could provide for me. I thank Jesus that He saved me and that I have continued in His Word throughout my life. I haven’t always stood right beside Him (He never moved, I did), but I now know as we approach these Last days that I want to be part of the End-Times Army He is raising up!

“You can’t change the fruit without changing the root.” -Unknown


One Response to About Beth

  1. poems140 says:

    A very nice story! Thank you for sharing it! Glad we can follow each others blogs! Lewis http://www.lightenload.wordpress.com

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