He is faithful; He closes the deal!

Ephesians 3:20 Amplified Bible (AMP)

20Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do super-abundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]–

God pulled this entry together on my way to work this morning. A few days ago, Satan tried to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to come up with the material that God had called me to publish. In my spirit, I began feeling some pressure to attain a certain level in my writing. What if I couldn’t complete the mission He had set forth? God is faithful, God closes deals!

I started telling Satan he has no business here. I began speaking out loud. I can do that comfortably since I live alone and the cats don’t meow back Ha ha! I began to thrive. Peace came over me like a river. I knew I was on track for God’s call. I also know that if I do not set my mind right for and throughout the day, the father of lies will creep back in and destroy my peace.

Several days ago, I wrote a Post about Lent. I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate this year. Now, I know God has spoken and He has called me into His zone. I am in His Refining fire! I feel He has asked me to write, to tell His story over the next 40 days. His story is my story! He is turning my mess into a blessing for others.

I know that God is dependable, reliable. As I look back over the past (6) – (7) years, I know He is able to do exceedingly, super-abundantly, far over and above all that we dare to ask!

Yesterday afternoon, before I wrote the Post about My Dad’s Laugh, I began to feel uneasy again about what if I can’t come up with the material to write, Lord? I hadn’t even had the thought of the “Laughter” post yet, but I knew I had to trust Him. After this morning’s drive to work, it became super-abundantly clear to me that He is faithful! This morning when I was brushing my teeth, Holy Spirit whispered to me “Tell them about my faithfulness.” My reaction was God, is that really Your voice? I didn’t want to miss Him! I wrapped up my morning routine and headed off to the Office.

On the drive in, prior to really focusing in on the song that was playing on the Radio, I heard “He is faithful; He closes the deal!” in my mind and I knew that was His grace giving me a title for today. Then, I began humming along and really focusing on the words of the new Building 429 song, ‘Where I Belong.’ When the song ended, that’s when God spoke into my spirit about what to focus on in my writing for today. The Holy Spirit is faithful; He closes the deal!

I believe that Elohim, our Mighty Creator, has called me to Fast from certain things over the next 40 days. Last night, directly at 6:00pm, I looked to see what time it is, and I knew He was asking me to be aware and alert to His call that I had had enough to eat for the day and He would take care of me and hold my hunger until the time was right to eat again. I was on a Fast I had not planned for, but submitted to at that moment. That is my faithfulness to Him! He had a plan and I closed the deal! I signed on the dotted line, immediately.

God provides what we need in His timing. He gives enough grace for today and today only. We don’t have to worry about the past, it does no good to keep replaying the bad memories, Satan’s negative messages and when we worry about the future, we just waste time. We’re not getting any where by worrying. @JoyceMeyer would tell us “I can go sit in a Rocking chair all day, but that isn’t going to get me anywhere.” It’s ok to have a plan and set goals, but know this, God just might change your plans. It’s time to turn off the tape to the past. He is faithful; He closes the deal!

Friday, August 26, 2005 was a long day for me. I had high expectations for the following week, because I was scheduled for “Vacation.” Somehow, whether you are at home or out of town, it never feels like vacation once the week is over, because you’re so busy filling up the free time to get everything in that you wanted to get accomplished you feel like you need a Vacation FROM your Vacation. I got off of work a little early. It was to be the day that I closed on my 1st house. I had arrived to work that morning a little weary from packing up my apartment the previous few nights. Mentally, I was pumped up for the Iron Woman, Ha Ha!

I had asked my dad to be there at the Closing with me, because I had no clue what to expect and I wanted someone there by my side. Dad couldn’t be there that afternoon due to an appointment that was unmovable. The Closing was scheduled for 6:00p. At about 5:40p or so, my Realtor called and said there was some issues and we might not be able to do the Closing today. Of course I started to get very upset. There I was, standing outside the Closing attorney’s office “alone” and I began looking at my truck, filled with my belongings and I can’t find words to describe the doubt, heart-break and upheaval I was beginning to feel.

At approximately 5:50p or so, I got my dad on the phone. He gave me a word of encouragement, and together, we hoped for the best. What a joy to have a hand-cramp from signing all of those documents. We went so fast, I don’t think I have a clue what I was really signing my life away for Ha Ha! If you have been through that experience, I know you can identify. But guess what? GOD IS FAITHFUL! He closed the deal!

I spent the following week getting moved in and setting up my Home. Everything else that was special or that went off without a hitch that week paled in comparison to the horrifying experience the people in the New Orleans area were going through. Katrina. I didn’t have Cable TV or Internet at the house yet. I could only hear about it via the Radio. My mind couldn’t comprehend the images when I finally saw for myself on TV.  I know that God has brought some restoration to that area. I have a girl friend, that I met Online a couple of years ago, who lives in New Orleans and though she moved away for a short time after the storm, she is back home now and enjoying her career in Catering.

Today, Elohim, Our Mighty Creator, humbled me. He’s done that a few times since last Friday when I started this writing process. Today, I have a finite moment in time of His Grace! I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I would maintain some high expectation of myself.

During Lunch today, after all of the joy He gave me this morning in coming up with the concept for my writing of this entry, the Holy Spirit spoke again and I composed His Word into a Tweet:

“@scrupulousgirl: The One who has risen is going to use some people & situations to humble you. Stay grounded in Him so that you can enjoy His faithfulness.”

The Building 429 song ‘Where I Belong’ is a powerful song for me. I encourage you to download it or check out the video on Youtube.

If you are facing a big deal today, it is my hope and prayer that you lean into the God of Hope, Grace and Love. He gives us enough grace for today. Find your center in Him and He will help you not be moved by your circumstances. He is faithful; He closes deals!

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