My Dad’s Laugh

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

A Time for Everything
 1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens…4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
Ecclesiates 3:4 tells us that God created laughter. I’m thankful He gave my dad a hearty laugh! I love to hear dad laugh. He and I both have a variety of different laughs. My niece says I have a cackle. She also used to tell me my whole body would shake when I laugh and it made her think of Santa. Dad is a wonderful story teller. He is also a great ad-libber, which makes hearing the same old stories from his days in the Fraternity at IU, to the Army barracks, traveling throughout his career and time with our family that much more interesting.
There are many times when I’ve been at the Office and it’s been very busy and I hadn’t had time to breathe and relax, take a break and enjoy the day or a co-worker or client had ruffled my feathers. That’s when God steps in and sends me a phone call from someone who can break-up the monotony of my awkward, emotional day. Sometimes that is my mom or dad or an Email from a neighbor or acquaintance.
My dad is also an excellent speaker. He seems to have no fear of leading a group and managing people. Roughly (10) years or so ago, he purchased a miniature cassette recorder in efforts to verbally record his tales and adventures that should be turned into a book. He said he could have been fired for some of the tales about his job, but I believe he was joking. Dad hasn’t moved forward with getting the book published. I’m not sure why. He works from home as a consultant for a few companies and is on the board of directors as well at a couple of local organizations. There are days, my mom tells me, when dad will sit in his office and laugh until he cries while listening to those recordings.
He journals. For many years, my dad has kept a journal. He writes daily about what his day was like, the highs, the lows, had he learned anything knew… I am grateful that I am connected to my dad through his laugh and for my gift of writing. He has encouraged me for ages to write. “Keep a journal. You won’t regret it.” When I was 15 years old, shortly after I was lead to the Lord, I did start to write. I had a gift of writing poetry. I haven’t written in a long, long time. In my earliest years of college, I thought I wanted to be a columnist for a Newspaper. That dream faded when I discovered how much work was involved and the enemy leading me to believe that I could never write more than the simple poems I had written in the past. I also was not keen on forcing people to tell their stories. To exploit and expose their pain for my writing. Though through my poetry, I had no problem exposing my own pain.
In a previous post, I told you that my parents love to travel. If you’ve read my About Beth page, then you also know I love watching NFL. I’m a Packers fan. Yes, I’m a Cheesehead! In September 2004, dad and mom and I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle, dad’s brother, in Indianapolis. While we were visiting, we were going to see the Packers play the Colts. I was so jazzed about going to see the Packers play in person! We had lots of laughter on that trip! My fondest memory of laughter was more for myself and mom’s benefit than dad’s, but thankfully, he can laugh about it now.
We were at the Airport waiting to board the plane. My mom usually carries chewing gum, but if I remember correctly, the way all of this started was that since she had changed her handbag for the trip, she didn’t have any at the time. I piped up and advised dad I had something he could refresh his breath with. He had no idea what I had in store. Listerine Breath strips Have you heard of them? They hadn’t been out very long at the time, but they’re perfect for stowing in a pocket or handbag, etc. to carry with you. I didn’t think much about it, but the flavor I had was Cinnamon. I passed a couple over to my dad (mom was sitting between us) and he popped out of his seat like a rocket and raced for the nearest Water fountain. He came back and his eyes were a little watery and he asked me what had I given him HA HA HA! You shouldn’t be surprised to know he’s never taken me up on the offer again for a breath freshener LOL! These days, I carry the Cool mint flavor. The Packers lost to the Colts that game. It was an incredibly, exciting, thrilling, action packed show-down. We had seats at Centerfield about (24) rows from the field. God is GOOD all of the time! It was one of those on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of games most of the time, even though the final score wasn’t close.
Dad, I hope you choose to publish your stories. I love you!

Proverbs 17:22 Amplified Bible (AMP)

22A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones

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